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  • Race Name
    Winter Six Pack Series
  • Race Dates
    Jan 6, 2024 - Saturday
    Jan 20, 2024 - Saturday
    Jan 27, 2024 - Saturday
    Feb 3, 2024 - Saturday
    Feb 17, 2024 - Saturday
    Feb 24, 2024 - Saturday
  • Events
    Jan 6, 2024 - 5K, 1M run
    Jan 20, 2024 - 5K, 2M run
    Jan 27, 2024 - 5K run
    Feb 3, 2024 - 4M, 5K run
    Feb 17, 2024 - 5M, 5K run
    Feb 24, 2024 - 10K, 5K run
  • Description
    Entry level runner/walkers looking to get into foot races in a professional, fun and safe environment without the intimidation of a 'big race.' All abilities are welcome, rookies or veterans!
  • City
    Westminster, CO
  • Directory Status
    This Race appears in our directories.

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