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About Running in the USA Race Directory
  • The Running in the USA Race Directory includes links to running related races. Triathlon and duathlon are welcome too.
  • Sorry, we typically only include walking events if they are part of a running event. Walk-only events are welcome to advertise.
  • Links in our race directory go directly to a page that contains information about the race, (rather than the race organization's home page), allowing you to find what you are looking for faster.
  • Our race listings persist year round. We do not add a new listing for races each year, we simply update the date. This allows us to list past results, past photos, review and comments for each race in our directory.
  • Race directory listings are free. Click here to submit a race web page.
  • If your race does not already have a web site, or your organization's website does not keep the race information year round, click here to have a web page for your race hosted at Running in the USA.
  • Running in the USA is not affiliated with any race. We cannot answer any questions about the races we list.

When Will Race Dates Be Updated?
We check hundreds of race sites every week looking for updated dates. We post them as soon as we know them. If you know of a new date for a race, feel free to submit an updated (see below).

Why show old Race Dates?
We do not delete old races, we just update the listing with the new date. This allows visitors convenient access to past results, photos, comments and reviews.

We also display old race dates so that visitors know a race occurs during that month, even if we don't have a current date. If you know it exists, then you know to check back and see if the date has been updated, and you can also guess approximately when the race is likely to happen next year.

Furthermore, deleting old races, and re-adding them every year would be a whole lot more work. Most race information does not change from year to year, its much more efficient to simply update the information that changed.

Search Tips
Click on Filter Options to find results by:
  • City
  • County
  • Common Race Types (marathon, half marathon, etc.)
  • Day of Week
  • Event (relay, trail, etc.)
  • Event Name
  • Webmaster's Picks (featured on the home page)
Race Filter
Click on a Date Option to list race results by:
  • Upcoming - Race Date within next 60 days
  • Recent - Race Date within last 60 days
  • Newly Added / Updated - added or updated within last 30 days
  • By Month - all races during selected month (up to 500)
  • Date - races between specified dates (up to 500)
  • All - all races (up to 500)
Date Option works with the Filter Options. For Example, clicking 'All' will list all races matching the specified Filter Options.

How to Add a Race to Our Directory
Click here to submit a race.

How to Update/Correct a Race Listing
To Update a race (new date, new URL, etc.), find the race using the Race Menu then click the Update icon. Race Update

What is a Webmaster's Pick?
Webmaster's Picks are races that get featured on the home page for a short time before the race, and get a in the listing on the results list page. This is a fairly arbitrary designation. Races are branded a "Webmaster's Pick" if we find the event interesting, Webmaster Mary or someone we know is running in the event, the race advertised with us, we host the race web page, or we just felt like it.

How to Link to Running in the USA Pages
We fully support and encourage deep linking to any page in our site. (Deep linking means linking to a page other than our home page.)

To create a link, copy and paste the contents of the textbox at the bottom of the desired page onto your page. The textbox is labeled "Link to this Page"

Click here for further help.

Other Issues
Email us.