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About Running in the USA Race Results Directory
The Running in the USA Race Results Directory includes links to running related race results. Triathlon and duathlon race results are welcome too. Directory listings are free. To submit a link to race results, click here.

Running in the USA also hosts race results. Race results hosting is free. To host your race results at Running in the USA, click here.

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  • Host Name
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  • Webmaster's Picks (featured on the home page)
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Click on a Date Option to list race results by:
  • Recent - Race Date within last 60 days
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  • Date - race results between specified dates (up to 500)
  • All - all race results (up to 500)
Date Option works with the Filter Options. For Example, clicking 'All' will list all race results matching the specified Filter Options.

How to Add Results to Our Directory
Click here to submit race results already on the web.

Click here to host your race results at Running in the USA.

What is a Webmaster's Pick?
Webmaster's Picks are results that get featured on the home page for a short time after the race, and get a in the listing on the results list page. This is a somewhat arbitrary designation. Results are branded a "Webmaster's Pick" if we find the event interesting, Webmaster Mary or someone we know ran the event, the race advertised with us, or we just felt like it.

How to Link to Running in the USA Pages
We fully support and encourage deep linking to any page in our site. (Deep linking means linking to a page other than our home page.)

To create a link, copy and paste the contents of the textbox at the bottom of the desired page onto your page. The textbox is labeled "Link to this Page"

Click here for further help.

Other Issues
Email us.