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Race Website Tips
In order to maintain our directory, we visit hundreds of race websites every week. We have some tips for a successful race website.
Year Round Web Presence
Odds are, runners will find out about your race on the internet. A year round web presence is key. Even when your race is months away, runners will want to learn about your race. Runners who ran your race, may want to refer back to your site for results or a course map. Runners considering your race may want to see the course map, and check out past results to number of participants, and winning times.
Get Your Race Info Online
Here are few options to get your race information online and you will then have a URL to use to submit your race to us. You can...... We hope one of these options will help you get your race on the web. Then Submit your race to our directory.
Use PDF Format for your Race Flyer
A pdf format is a universal format. Most browsers can display a pdf document. They also are generally smaller in size, making them faster to load.

Using Word documents, Publisher files, MS Works or other formats, is frustrating to users that do not have these programs. They will not be able to open your documents.

There are many free pdf creators. Most can be used with common programs that you'd use to create your document. Use any search engine and search 'free pdf creator' to find one.
Single Location for your Race Flyer
Rather than sending a copy of your pdf race flyer to us, or other race directories/calendars, save yourself and others time and resources, and just send them the LINK to your race flyer on YOUR site. This way, if you need to update or change your flyer, you only need to upload it to your one single location, and everyone will get the current copy when they click the link you provided.
One Name for your Race Flyer
If you do need to update your race flyer, keep the same name, and over-write the previous version of your flyer. That way, anyone who has linked to your race flyer, will always have the current version.
Visitors Don't Always Enter Your Site at Your Home Page
Keep in mind, people will post links to various pages of your site on their sites, on social networks, and send them to friends through email.

You CANNOT assume people will come to your home page first. Be sure that every page in your site has enough information, and enough links to the rest of your site, to be an entry point into your site.
Prominently Display Basic Information on your Home Page
  • Race Name
  • Race Date
  • Start Time
  • Race Distance(s)
  • City AND State!!
This seems obvious, but several times a day, we come across a website where we have to search and search and search for some of these pieces of information.
Assume Your Website Visitors are Not Local
Visitors to your site will be from all over the planet.

When listing your race location, include the name of the facility, the address, city AND state.

If your site simply says 'Central High School', that may be adequate for people who are already familiar with your event and city, but for the people who stumbled across your website, they don't know if that is Central High School in THEIR city or YOUR city.
Include a Course Description
Tell visitors why they should run your race. Is it flat and fast, or challengingly hilly? Is it scenic, or will runners be challenged to find visual interest. Is it unique, or is it comfortably familiar?