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Forum: Varmint Half Marathon
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Topic: Terrible,Terrible,Terrible Race Organization
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Posted By: RUNNERFIT Posted: Jul 1, 2010 Reply
The 2010 Varmit 1/2 was a complete disaster.............. worst unorganized race of my life! The race director is very incompetent and dishonest! I would not recommend this race to anyone wanting to race on an accurate well marked course. Not only did the race director run in the race (never seen this before), she did not clearly mark or have someone directing racers at the first turn at 1.5 miles which sent 12 runners up to 3 miles off the course. When she finally sent someone to notify us, her solution to the problem was to have us get in the back of a pick-up truck and be transported back up with the leaders at ~7 miles into the race. After the race, she then disqualified all 12 of us for getting a ride in the truck which she told us to do! The director's rationale and behavior was a complete joke and the whole event was like being at a disorganized circus. To top it off, the race director of the varmit promised to still give the top 3 prize money even though she had disqualified us and then completely lied to us by only offering us our $30.00 entries back. After the regular awards ceremony, she sent a co-race director accompanied by two policemen to give us our $30.00 entry fee when it should of been $200 and $300 like she had promised in her meeting with us earlier. WHAT A JOKE!! This was a terrible experience and PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING TO THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (BURKES GARDEN) FOR THIS EVENT IN THE FUTURE, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS THE SAME PERSON DIRECTING THE RACE AS IN 2010.
Posted By: First Reviewer Posted: Jan 21, 2014 Reply
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..........(Folks I just read this Jan, 21, 2014 ???)...........Runnerfit, I take it was one of the runners that continued through a turn located near the start of the race. It should be noted that everyone was given a map layout of the race beforehand, and what runnerfit got into is certainly not uncommon, even for a world class seasoned runner. With that being noted everyone should understand that The Varmint Course was well marked, regardless of what has been said above. Most seasoned runners understand that there's hardly a race that doesn't have some runner, and/or runners losing their way, for one reason are another and ending up near the back of the pack. I can't count how many times I have had to scream at runners in front of me, just to tell them that they are going the wrong way. I have never heard of a runner blaming their mistake on a race director, and yes, there are many race directors that run in the race that they are directing. I certainly don't need some race director to hold my hand while I'm breathing hard, and in full tilt as I run across their course. I personally don't know this race director, although I did meet her and her staff and they do an excellent job in putting on their event. As far as the Varmint 1/2 Marathon, in Burkes Garden is concerned it certainly is a top notched event, and runs through a beautiful part of the State of Virginia, bar none. I run everything from 3Ks to Ultra-Marathons and believe me when I tell you that the Varmint is one of my favorite races. Runnerfit all I can say is that I like your handle, and if I was you I would re-load buy a ticket and run the Varmint in 2014. I will be glad to meet you at the starting line. Write "Runnerfit" on your Number and I'll write "First Reviewer" on mine. Good Running, FR
Posted By: StewartM Posted: Jun 15, 2014 Reply
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I've both worked races, and run in them, so I've seen both perspectives. When something like this happens during a race (and it can happen despite taking reasonable precautions against it; no system is error-proof) race officials have to just do the best they can. Maybe this one didn't make the best decision in this case, but you know, life goes on. Disappointment is an integral part of competition; we all experience failure, and sometimes that failure is due to circumstances we don't control.
As for the race director running this event--the Varmint is perhaps my favorite race, and much of the reason for that is that it's an event based upon a bit of local history and and I'm partial to events that honor their history and traditions. The race director runs this race because she and one other person has run in *each and every Varmint since its inception*, and who am I (or you!) to tell them that they should break that streak? Nor would I tell her that she should do either one or the other, I've run the past two Varmints and each one has been charming and exceptionally well-organized, so it's your experience that appears to be the exception rather than the norm.