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Topic: Testimonials From Runners " Enlyten Sports Strips"
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Posted By: Clayton - 2159 Posted: Sep 24, 2009 Reply
“I bought the Enlyten SportStrips and used them during the Philly Marathon. I think they made a big difference especially around mile 24. Instead of seizing up, I only had to contend with a little fatigue, that classic running out of gas syndrome, but, unlike previous years, I was still able to still run! So, I'm a convert. I intend to use Enlyten SportStrips on all of my long runs. Final time: 3:38, that's ten minutes better than last year. Thanks for introducing me to your great new product." Jeff Goldman - Philadelphia, PA

"I just used the enlyten strips during the Philadelphia marathon. The first two marathons I have done I have used gel packs, but this one I decided to try the strips and absolutely loved them. I found that I didn't cramp as much as I normally do. They were very easy to carry and tasted great. My favorite flavor is the vanilla berry. Thanks again to the representative that gave me information at the marathon expo!" Susie - Philadelphia, PA

"I just wanted to say how much your enlyten strips helped with the Philly Marathon. I have been having a difficult time finding something that doesn't make me sick and gives me the energy I need to finish
strong. The strips worked!!!! This was my 7Th marathon and the first one I felt strong at the finish. Thanks again." Heidi Costa - West Chester PA

"I am a strong believer of the value of the Enlyten SportStrips. I completed the Chicago marathon in October, yes finished it, without any cramping or ill effects. It was at the Chicago expo that I was first introduced to Enlyten. I was uncomfortable with the forecasted weather conditions for Chicago even before the marathon so I was intrigued about your product. My husband strongly encouraged me to give it a shot. He was at the start line with me and reminded me to "front load" with six of the strips. Actually the grape flavor was pretty good. My concerns about the Chicago weather conditions unfortunately became a reality. I diligently ingested a strip or two every 30 minutes. As I watched other runners drop out, cramp up or helped off the course, I realized that what was helping me through had to be the Enlyten SportStrips. What was just as important was the after affects from the marathon, which for me was virtually none. I quickly showered, caught the train to the airport and caught my flight home. No cramping, pain, or ill affects from what was considered a very challenging marathon due to the unexpected hot and humid weather conditions. I had not done two marathons within two weeks before (prior the closest two were six weeks apart), so when I saw you in Columbus I was intrigued about trying Enlyten again and encouraging my brother to do the same. Although the weather conditions in Columbus were not as extreme as Chicago, it was still warmer than desired. Again, I feel I must credit the Enlyten SportStrips in physiologically helping me through the marathon; no cramps or ill effects. In the past I have relied on Gatorade at the water stops to keep electrolytes maintained, however, post-race I would experience stomach cramps from the Gatorade (during my training prior to a marathon I only drink water during a long run). I am a new believer of the Enlyten SportStrips and have encouraged other long distance runners at my office to give them a try. I will continue to keep a packet of Enlyten in my running shorts during future marathons. Thanks for your GREAT product!!” M S Jones - Westerville, Ohio

"I first tried the Enlyten SportStrips this year at the Chicago Marathon Expo. Under the hot weather conditions I felt that having the right electrolyte balance was required to get me through the race. I took the strips on Saturday, and then before and during the race on Sunday. I did not have any cramping or hydration issues during the race and ran a PR of 2:43:33 for 74th place. I feel that the Enlyten SportStrips helped tremendously and now use them frequently during racing and training. Thanks!" Adam Mulia - Brooklyn, NY

Just wanted to let you know that I bought the SportStrips from you at the Expo in New York and have always struggled with severe cramping in my calves in the last few miles of a marathon. In New York I used the strips as recommended throughout the whole race and never one cramp! I was so delighted, I did a personal best and took 21 minutes off my time. This is unheard of, because in previous marathons I have taken at least an extra 1/2 hr. to stretch, walk, etc......not this time!! Truly a wonderful product, and I have tried them all. Thanks again for your help." Virve Kukk - Whitby, Ontario

"I first saw this product at the ING NYC Marathon expo. It caught my eye. I helped the vendor at the booth translate for a women who didn't speak English that was sampling the product. Very unique, quick, easy to use. I purchased the athlete pack and carried it the day of the marathon. I took a few SportStrips pre-race then a few more during the course. This was my first marathon. I even gave a cassette to my cousin who loved it. Recommended it to all my running friends. Great Product!" - Roxanne Ayala, New Hyde Park, New York

“I’m convinced that taking enlyten (instead of Gatorade) throughout the race helped. I finished the marathon with my person best time. I’m a huge fan.” Joey Kotler – New York, NY

"I used my Enlyten SportStrips throughout the 2007 Chicago Marathon which was held despite record heat and humidity. Since I have trouble stomach- wise on longer runs with Gatorade and sports drinks, the strips, plus water (I carried my own fuel belt so was able to stay hydrated) helped me finish this race on a day when only slightly more than 50% of race entrants were able to... I am 59 years old and had used Enlyten SportStrips on my long training runs during the summer prepping for Chicago, once I read an article on your product. I have been running Marathons since 1979 and think your product is a real "breakthrough" way to deliver electrolytes to endurance athletes." Alan Cusick - Mt Pleasant, SC

“I tried the Enlyten SportStrips and they worked. I need to “Defend Against Dehydration” just as much (or more) then the players on the ice do. Sweating off 3-5 lbs per game I use to drink up to 4 bottles of sports fluids per game. That’s about 1,500 calories and I’m trying to cut back on that. Even Mascots need/love Enlyten SportStrips. Anyways this product is gold!” Mascot for a National Hockey League Team

“I coordinate an ultra marathon yearly, and this past weekend I ran the Columbus Marathon and was very pleased with the results of the Enlyten SportStrips.” Brian Musick – Streetsboro, OH

“I tried your strips for the Columbus Marathon and had a great race. I like the idea of having electrolytes enter directly into the bloodstream as I have digestive issues with sports drinks. I look forward to training with Enlyten SportStrips down the road.” Delores Mincarelli – Cincinnati, OH

“I ran the Columbus Marathon and experienced no cramping and felt great using Enlyten SportStrips. I expect to use Enlyten SportStrips in the future.” Jamison Anspach – Dublin, OH

“My goal was to beat 3 hours and I completed the Columbus Marathon in 2 hours and 33 minutes with no cramps to report thanks to Enlyten SportStrips. I used the orange and grape during the race and found both to be pleasing to the taste. I’ll be looking to purchase more at Dick’s Sporting Goods. From now on I will always carry Enlyten SportStrips in my pocket.” Bill Thompson – Columbus, OH

“Columbus was my 9th marathon and the first for using the Enlyten SportStrips and I did not experience any cramping. I found your product to be a winner and will order a supply for the Dallas marathon.”
Chris Johnson – Omaha, NE

“I was experiencing cramps in the back of my legs during marathons and decided to try the Enlyten SportStrips. Cramping stopped and I was able to complete the Columbus marathon and and qualify for the Boston marathon as well!” Bill Wells – New Albany, IN

“I have run 13 marathons, was consistently crippled by cramps in my calves and decided to give your product a try. Your product is a gift from God! Not once did I experience the stabbing pain that so often made me stand still in the middle of a race. I ran/walked the whole marathon without one cramp. I give all the credit to your wonderful product. Thank you so much for developing a product that will allow me to finish a race without the debilitating pain of muscle cramps.” Helen Drab – Pearland, TX

“Just completed the Chicago Marathon last Sunday and could not have done it without Enlyten SportStrips! I drank plenty of fluids, but there is only so much you can drink before you feel like you are going to drown! I love this product and will tell all my friends about it!”
MaryJo Parrott - Milwaukee, WI

“I used the SportStrips yesterday playing hoops. I felt much more energized playing than I did the week before. Love the product and will continue using before, during and after my games.” Phil S. – Clarence, NY

“I want to thank you for the Enlyten SportStrips that I consumed during the Chicago Marathon. I was able to complete the first marathon I entered under the extreme conditions of 90 degrees. I feel strongly that the Enlyten SportStrips helped me to get across the finish line, and they will become part of my nutritional plan during training and upcoming races.” James Allen – Chicago, IL

“I went out last night after my hockey game, long story short had a few too many drinks and woke up around 7 AM with a wicked headache and super dehydrated. Lucky for me I still had a few SportStrips left and they were on my desk near my bed. I popped in 3 strips and within minutes the headache was gone. Its was almost instant relief like a "magic cure" I saw the effects your product had on me the other night during our game but this morning I became a true believer. I usually wake up with a super dry mouth probably because I have bad allergies and a deviated septum. When I took even one Enlyten strip it eliminated my dry mouth so I would like to take one every morning.” Ed G. – Buffalo, NY

“The Enlyten SportStrips worked again! I ran a 3:07.31 at the Air Force Marathon, cutting 10 minutes off my previous best time of 3:17. Great product!” Tim Cooley – Bossier City, LA

“I tried the Enlyten SportStrips and they worked... I had three before the race and six during the race. Although I only ran the half marathon yesterday, I'm training for two fall races...Marine Corps and Richmond. I’ve already told four other people about the strips and provided them the web page address.
Thanks for introducing me to your great new product.” Jenise Carroll – Woodbridge, VA

“Thanks for introducing me to your product. I tried Enlyten SportStrips for the 1st time at during the USAF half marathon, using a couple before and a couple during the race. I did not drink any Gatorade before and during the run and I felt fine. I did use my normal Gu and did not experience any issues. I finish about 4 minutes ahead of what I had expected, so in combination with water, I would have to say Enlyten SportStrips worked for me. I intend on continue using SportStrips in the future. Thanks.” Chris Lockhart - Age 48

“I am an avid golfer and enjoy walking the course. I would drink water and Gatorade when I played, but I often felt fatigued and drained after a round. Over the past two months since I have been using Enlyten SportStrips, I can not believe the energy and focus I have during the round. What is truly amazing is how good I feel at the end of each round. No more headaches or feeling exhausted. I am looking forward to my upcoming golf getaway where I will play 36 holes a day for 3 straight days. I recently played on a hot (90+ degree) humid day and followed my new routine of Enlyten SportStrips and water. I felt great and was still going strong while others in the group were loosing steam on the turn and ready to call it a day. I am a huge fan of Enlyten SportStrips! It’s now a part of my equipment and I won’t play a round of golf without them”.
Don Tomasulo, 2007 Sales Manager of the Year - Radio Inc. Magazine

“I am a certified athletic trainer at a high school in Hickory, NC. I learned about your product in Anaheim at the national symposium in June. I have been using this product not only for athletes who have a history of cramping and electrolyte difficulties but also on kids who are acutely cramping. I've used Gatorade, pickle juice and reflexology to help these athlete's in the past but the Enlyten strips have been the most successful at keeping our athlete's in the game”.
Lisa Barron - Hickory, NC

"I carefully used Enlyten SportStrips on myself for several days and sent the samples to the Italian League laboratories for testing. When the tests came back and we realized that the product did not have any negative factors in it, we administered it to several of our AC Milan players. The results proved to be very good and we then supplied a large number of our players with the SportStrips during the CL playoffs. The SportStrips were then tested at our AC Milan lab and again the results were so good to the extent that we authorized their use for our Milan Youth Program players in the USA".
Daniele Tognacini, Milan Lab staff and AC Milan Strength & Conditioning Coach

I received some samples from my MEDCO rep and I love this product!!! I have had great results with it, and will be telling my fellow ATC's and Athlete’s about the benefits of Enlyten SportStrips.
Lauren Radakovich - Athletic Trainer, University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg

I had originally heard of your company via an investment newsletter and I am in the process of doing due diligence. Coincidentally I was listening to a Bills training camp report on 97 Rock and they were talking about how the players really liked the strips and how effectively they work. I am going to pick some up at Dick's Sporting Goods for myself. Thanks again.
Tony – Clarence, NY

“What an amazing product! I was training in Palm Desert this past weekend in 113 degree temperatures for over 4 hours each day. The Enlyten SportStrips are an essential tool to keep your electrolytes topped off. They taste good and are fast acting. I will never leave without them.

“I like them because they are easy and small. The key is to put the strip between your cheek and gum, NOT on your tongue where you will just swallow it. It is a little weird at first, but then you just forget about it. I don’t know how, but this stuff really works fast.
Jerome - Miami, Florida

“I have now been using your product for several weeks and am very impressed and pleased with the results when cycling. I currently am riding about 25 miles per journey (about 3 to 4 times a week). By mistake one day I forgot to use your product prior to one of my rides and I had the worse ride I have had in long time. Both my stamina and total times were off for that day. Also as a post bariatric patient I have found no ill side effects of using your product with my "special needs" diet requirements. I just placed my second order for more strips and will continue to use these. Thanks for this great product!
Greg Munda - Freeport, Illinois

“I just wanted to write to let you know that myself and a friend tried your Enlyten strips at the Nissan Buffalo Marathon this year. They worked great! We each had 4 before the marathon and then had 2 at various points in the marathon. (I can’t remember exactly when… maybe mile 7, 14 and 21?) They worked very well. I only drank water until about mile 23, when I felt that I needed to get some carbs into me. We both got through without any cramping at all. We forget to refuel with them after the race but will do so in the future. Enlyten SportStrips really made a positive difference!”
Suzanne Dale, Ph.D. - Rochester, NY

“My son plays high school football and he was having problems getting through 3-A-Days without cramping. He uses Gatorade; however it just wasn’t doing the job. We learned that most of the electrolytes he was drinking was not being absorbed into his body and that’s when we discovered the benefits of Enlyten strips. I highly recommend this product to any athlete that wants to get through extensive workouts without cramping.”
Kevin - Abilene, TX

“I’m a marathon runner and I have been searching for a product that will keep me hydrated without bogging me down with fluid. I have tried pills, drinks, patches and finally I tried The Enlyten strips. This product is absolutely amazing and it gets me through 26 miles with no problems.”
Pam - Roanoke, VA

”As a cyclist trying to make it to the pro level, I am always looking for a way to take my riding to the next level, and Enlyten SportStrips have helped me to do so. They are easy to take, taste good, and help me to avoid cramping during training and exercise. I would recommend that everybody use this great new product”.
Cameron Fox - Los Angeles, CA

“I honestly was a little reluctant to take the product but I took about five strips the day before my marathon and then about three during the race. (Because of the humidity when I went to take out the strips they clumped together so I had to throw the case away and could only take them once during the run) Regardless I had a 3:08 marathon and I was sixth female overall. I not only felt great during the whole race but the next day my body felt great as well. The ironic part is that I did the Boston marathon in April and my time was 3:47 and I was sore for at least a week after without the product. I am just getting into the sport and have already seen great improvements. I hope to soon crack the three hour mark. I am now a believer in Enlyten SportStrips. After the marathon my family couldn’t believe how well I was walking around and how good I felt. Good is usually a relative term after such a grueling race but Enlyten SportStrips gave me the electrolytes to help me recover faster.”
Shannon Desrosiers - Potsdam, NY

“I wanted you to know that I am unbelievably impressed with this product. I used it for the Buffalo Half Marathon and this past weekend at the Mohican 100k MTB race in Ohio where it was in the high 80’s. I am happy to report that even though I made a slight miscalculation that left me with no water for about forty five minutes on the ride I had no problems with cramping at all. In the past I have struggled keeping my electrolytes up as I am not the best hot weather athlete and the temperature this past weekend alone, even without the lack of water, would have positively led me to have some cramping issues. I have used some of the ecaps (Hammer Nutrition) electrolyte products in the past but they don’t hold a candle to yours. I am a believer and will continue to use these from now on. In addition, I am on a multi-sport team sponsored by our local bike and running shoe stores and you can count on me letting them know about these right away.
Thanks again and your product is great!”
Jerry Lynch - Akron, OH

“I attended the Boston Marathon this past April where I was introduced to your ENLYTEN SportStrips. These are amazing! Honestly, I love the product and was amazed at how well it works! I've always had difficulty with gels, bars and even some of the electrolyte replacing beverages out there... they always seemed too sweet and hard for me to digest. The ENLYTEN SportStrips are the PERFECT alternative for me! I have been spreading the word about your product ever since. I recently attended an International Conference in Chicago and passed some of the strips out to my associates from the UK, Germany and South Africa who are heavily involved in cycling and fitness. I'm a member of the Board of Directors who organize the ING Ottawa Marathon and Ottawa Race Weekend events in Ottawa, Canada during the Memorial Day weekend. I sincerely hope you considering moving into the Canadian marketplace with your product. Good luck to your company and with your incredible new product!”
Heather - Ottawa, Ontario

“The product appeared to work very well with no side effects. The storage of the small container was easy. I think your product is great.”
Paul - Boston, MA

“I picked up a pack of strips at the Boston Marathon Expo this past weekend. I usually have problems with electrolyte imbalance and really had problems at the New York Marathon because of it. All I can say is that I LOVED the strips and they worked awesome! Amazing product!”
Cindy Ramsay - Toronto, Canada

“I was given a pack of your Enlyten SportStrips to try during the Boston Marathon. I used two every mile or so and am delighted to report that I didn't experience any muscle cramping at all -not even after the race. Cramping has always been a big problem for me and I have tried many products including e-load capsules during marathons and found your product to be by far the easiest to use, pleasant tasting, and best of all it worked for me. Thanks for the opportunity to try your strips -I'm looking forward to using them again.” Linda - LaSalle, Ontario, Canada

“I just finished running the Boston Marathon (#30 marathon) and I LOVE your product! I will be using your wonderful product from now on! It was user friendly, easy to carry and works great for people who don't want glucose or electrolytes in their stomach for the race. Great job!” Leslie - Boston, MA

“I am a Triathlete. Haven't worked up to the Ironman distance yet, but I did a half last year and am doing it again this year. I am Training right now for a big race that is in two weeks. I checked out the Enlyten SportStrips website and that is a GREAT idea. I signed up for the Peter Gilmore contest and forwarded the link to the 400 members in my tri club. I ordered an Athlete pack and can’t wait to incorporate it into my training routine.” - Jennie - San Francisco

“I want to thank you for allowing me to sample the Enlyten SportStrips during the 2007 Boston Marathon. My simple statement - it worked! I used the strips as recommended, and did not experience any cramping or muscle tightness as I typically do.” - Kyle T. Burke - Colonel, US Army