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Topic: ankle injuries
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Posted By: kollin kirby Posted: Oct 6, 2006 Reply
I fell and sprainned my ankle badly and was wondering how long it would take before I will be ale to run on it again without having pain. I can now walk on it most of the time with no discomfort. But anytime i try to run I have instant pain. thanks for any answers.
Posted By: Trish Fellner Posted: Oct 31, 2006 Reply
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kollin kirby
Sorry about your ankle. This happened to me also. I understand how frustrating it is not running, but you have to let it heal for at least a month. I found a great ankle brace and was able to jog pain free about two months later. To this day, one year later, I still run my races with the ankle brace, for extra support. Just let yourself heal first so that you don't re- injure youself. Hope you get well soon!
Posted By: drkiper Posted: Aug 14, 2007 Reply
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kollin kirby
Hopefully you didn't tear any of the collateral ligaments. While you can heal enough to be pain free, microscopic healing can take many months. Be carefull.

You may want to consider an over-the-counter orthotic to help stabilize and reduce some of your overpronation
Posted By: SpeedMatters Posted: Aug 15, 2008 Reply
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Sorry to hear about your ankle sprain. It might take days to weeks until you're able to run, so definitely be careful.

It's important to make sure you're as capable as possible to bounce back from these types of mishaps, as they happen to the best of us. My personal favorite "prehab" activities to get strong and injury resistant are: barefoot strides, plyometrics, hill sprints, low-profile trainers, and trail running. If you incorporate all/some of these into your training, you'll see a marked improvement in how you cope with injuries and your avoidance of them altogether. If you're more interested in plyos and various sprint workouts to get stronger, I found a good blog that lays it out pretty straight forward: http://fastmuscletwitch.blogspot.com. It has some useful stuff posted.

Good luck in recovering from this injury and avoiding the next one!