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Forum: Boston Marathon
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Topic: 2014 Recap - New PR for cutting things close
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Posted By: Webmaster Mary Posted: Jun 9, 2014 Reply
We have had seagull trips before. But this was the seagullest one yet.
The only reasonable flights that we could find had us arriving just a few hours before packet pickup ended, and leaving just a couple hours after our anticipated finish. Very little wiggle room.
Just 3 of us on this trip - me, Webmaster Bill (a.k.a. husband), and JoeWee (50 sub 4 buddy).
JoeWee was at Boston last year. His wife was standing where the bombs went off just 20 minutes before it happened.
We arrived in Boston, dashed to packet pickup, scurried through the expo, checked in to our hotel, found a place to eat, returned to hotel, and went to sleep.
Marathon morning, we met up with a group of friends from Wisconsin, most of whom are named Mike. Most of the Mikes were in Wave 1, and JoeWee too. I was Wave 2, corral 1. JoeWee decided to opt down to my wave, so that we could run together, which means we'd have to go to corral 2. If you move to a later wave, they don't let you in corral 1.
For some reason, the BAA decided it was unsafe to allow bags of runners' clothes to be transported from the start to the finish. Anything you brought to the start would have to be carried with you during the run (and had to be about the size of a small sandwich), or thrown away. No clue what this does to prevent terrorism. To my knowledge, warm up sweats have never posed any threat beyond bad fashion.
Anyway, with 30,000 people all waiting around in clothes they never wanted to see again, it looked like a giant homeless convention in Athletes Village.
When it was time for our wave 1 friends to leave, we wished them luck, and decided it was our turn to wait in the porta potty lines. When done with that, it was past time for us to leave for wave 2.  We began briskly walking to the corrals, incrementally speeding up as we realized as we got closer just how late we were. By the time we reached the corrals, we were in an all out sprint. We ducked into corral 2 literally as they were sending us out for the start.
OK. Now its time to run 26.2 miles. This sorta ended up being the more relaxing part of our short trip.
We finished the marathon, and I commented to JoeWee: "OK, we're half way done." We still need to walk over a mile back to the hotel, grab a shower, hop the train, and get to the airport. We have about 2 hours until our flight starts boarding. Plenty of time if you can be assured nothing will go wrong.
And... nothing went wrong. Odd. We arrived at the gate just as they were calling our numbers for lining up in the Southwest number jockey game. We got on the plane, and sat down with a great big sigh of "we did it".
Here's the score:
My 4th Boston Marathon. JoeWee's second. And the first time JoeWee has done the same marathon twice.
Lifetime marathon number 81 for me.