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Forum: Rehoboth Beach Seashore Marathon
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Topic: 2013 Recap - Fun Flavors of Support
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Posted By: Webmaster Mary Posted: Dec 9, 2013 Reply
Last marathon of 2013.
Seagull trip (swoop in, grab a marathon, fly out) with Webmaster Bill, and JoeWee Heinrichs. We flew into DC, drove to Rehoboth Beach, DE, with a very brief stop in Dover to see the capitol.
Before the start, JoeWee and I speculated on how many times we'll see the ever present 'Worst Parade Ever' sign, and where would we hear the first 'Eye of the Tiger' of the day. Both are pretty inevitable during a marathon.
I am pretty neutral on crowd support. Most of it is fine. There are a few things that get little annoying, but I need to keep in perspective that normal humans don't do 1 or 2 of these a month, and so they don't see the same things over and over.
And once in a while, I am treated to a new sign or new form of support, that really makes me laugh or smile.
We had 2 of these this time. There are countless signs that have a message about how tough a marathon is, and how tough the runners are, etc. But today's sign that made me chuckle said "Making signs isn't that easy either". I love it!
The second, and based on the comments on the marathon's facebook page, this was fun for many.
One of the road crossings, which was about mile 6 outbound, and mile 25 inbound, was patrolled by a big burly police officer. If R. Lee Ermey and Smokey the Bear had a love child, it would be this guy. As we crossed, he barked out gruff orders "Get off my road" and "I better not see you walking" and "Hurry up cupcake." I have to admit, it wouldn't be well received from just anyone, but from him, it was really fun.
We finished our Delaware marathon, and had barely enough time to stuff down some great post-race food before heading back to the airport.
Sub 4 marathon state 39, for both of us.
Lifetime marathon number 76.
19th and final marathon of 2013.