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Forum: North Olympic Discovery Marathon
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Topic: 2013 Recap - Marathon 2 of 2 for the weekend
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Posted By: Webmaster Mary Posted: Jun 9, 2013 Reply
Jun 9, 2013
The North Olympic Discovery Marathon is the second marathon of our back-to-back marathon weekend. You can read about the first one here: Marathon 1 of 2 Recap: Newport, OR.
After a quick shower in Newport, OR, we began the 7 hour drive to Port Angeles, WA. We headed up Highway 101 along the coast for a while, before heading north east to I-5, and drove through Portland. We found Portland to have a really nice skyline, but just couldn't capture it with the camera.
We continued along I-5 to Olympia, WA, stopping at the capitol to stretch our legs and look around. We stumbled across groups that were attending prom, getting pictures on the capitol steps, and a bike race. We watched the bike race for a bit, chatted with locals, and then finished our drive to Port Angeles. We got there too late to join the Heinrichs for dinner.
The marathon starts in Sequim, WA (pronounced 'squim'), as shown at left, viewed from Hurricane Ridge. The course winds around Sequim a bit, and then heads west to Port Angeles, and uses the Olympic Discovery Trail.
Not sure how we are going to feel on day 2 of back-to-back marathons, JoeWee and I start together at about an 8:30 pace. Meanwhile, in Port Angeles, Abby, JC, and Julie are all running the 5K.
JoeWee and I settle into our pace. My ribs are much better than yesterday, and JoeWee's hip seems to be behaving also. Within a few miles, we decided our bare minimum goal was to break 4 hours. If things were going well, we'd set a more ambitionus goal of breaking 3:45, and then, our most ambitious goal would be to be faster than yesterday's marathon.
We held a steady pace, and enjoyed the incredibly scenic course.
Around mile 13, we encounter the first of 3 or 4 ravine passes. They are short and steep downhills, followed by a short and steep uphill. They were tough enough that we walked a bit of the uphills on the later ones.
Both of us had issues with our garmin watches today, and after 16 miles, all we had on our wrists was 'time of day'. We knew the marathon had started on time, so we can know our elapsed time, but only accurate to a minute, with no seconds.
Around mile 18, there was a spectator with a novelty hat that had a plush salmon on it, sticking out sideways. She called out "Its all downstream from here." which made both of us chuckle.
We kept track of our pace as best we could, and monitored which goal(s) would remain in reach. We also keep our eyes out for the 3:40 pacer ahead of us, and the 3:45 pacer behind us.
About mile 20, the 3:40 pacer guys blasts past us. That's odd, we thought. He told us over his shoulder that the original 3:40 pacer had to drop out with stomach issues. Ahhh. That explains it. We wondered about the logistics of getting a replacement pacer, and I figured it must have resembled the operations of managing agents in the Jason Bourne movies. "Asset is down. Deploy a new asset."
Around mile 23, JoeWee calculated that it would be close, but we still had a shot at beating yesterday's marathon time. We kicked it up a notch, and though I can't prove it, I am convinced our pace was in the low 8s.
We got to the mile 26 marker in 3:38. We could see the finish, and it sure looked a lot farther than 0.2 miles. JoeWee had enough kick left to speed up a bit. I held steady. At our pace, 0.2 miles should take about 1 min and 40 seconds. It took 3 to 4 minutes. Um, yeah, that mile marker was not in the right place. There is no way we were moving at a 15 to 20 minute pace.
We ended up finishing in 3:42:22. Ten seconds faster than yesterday's marathon. Woo Hoo! 
We finished, and enjoyed some post race snacks. Got our medals, and finisher shirts, chatted with Bill, Abby, JC and Julie.
We walked back to the hotel to grab a shower. A short walk, but we had to go up about 1000 steps. Up isn't a big deal, but after 2 marathons, down can be problematic.
We returned to the finish area for the awards. The 6 of us went for lunch at Smuggler's Landing. The Heinrichs family then set off on a ferry boat to Canada, and Bill and I set out for some sight seeing.
Our first excursion was to Hurricane Ridge, just about 30 minutes away from Port Angeles. It offers a great view of the Olympic Mountains.
Our second excursion was to Sol Duc falls. (or Soleduck Falls - both appear to be accepted.) Racing daylight, we enjoyed the scenic 1 hour drive to the trail head.
We followed the 0.8 mile trail, and saw the spectacular falls.
We finished the day driving back to Port Angeles, getting there just after 9pm. Too tired for a regular dinner, we opted for sundaes at Dairy Queen. Every now and again, ya just gotta have ice cream for dinner. 
Monday morning, we drove to the SeaTac airport for our flight home. It was a busy, successful, enjoyable long weekend.
More pictures can be found:
And sub 4 marathon state number 33.