Corn Roast Fun Run

Minooka Park - Waukesha, WI
August 1, 2007

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All photos by Dave O'Brien
Dave O'Brien is a member of Badgerland Striders.

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Kent Schlienger signing in

Tossing a bag of corn into the hole --
kids call it the “cornhole” game

Steve Schowalter tosses

Beth Schowalter starts to cut the onions

Steve and Beth start grilling corn

It doesn't always take a man to do the grilling

Runners milling around

Waiting for the start

L to R, Valerie Nolin, Tom Niese, Marjorie
McCaig of Tucson, and Valerie's friend Michele

Looking for direction

Bonnie Clarie sings the national anthem

Ready, set, go!

Karl and George grill bratwurst and dogs

As kids line up for food, Sue Gauger
tries her hand at blowing bubbles

There's a cluster

Susan's two year old daughter Lauren wants to try

Take a breath . . .

Oops, missed.

Carin Conway, how's that brat?

Way good enough to eat

Good fellowship and great weather

Sandra Grunwaldt and Kim Petak
enjoying their corn

Dave, Dennis and Dick carry on into the evening

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