Grand Island Trail Marathon & 10K

Munising, MI – July 30, 2005

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All photos and captions by Dave O'Brien
Dave O'Brien is a member of Badgerland Striders.

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004-The modest equipment expo had just two booths, but the personnel were well informed and helpful.


006-This iron smelting furnace, which had been in service between 1870 and 1877, has been partially restored. It can be viewed at the Bay Furnace Historic Site on M28 just west of Munising.


008-Our first view of Grand Island was from Bay Furnace Historic Site.


010-U.S. Forest Ranger Janel Crooks led a Grand Island interpretive session.



013-RD Jeff Crumbaugh (center) with two friends, waiting for the first ferry on race morning.


015-Badgerland Striders member Christine Crawford, waiting for the ferry with two friends on race morning.

016-Ferry cockpit, or wheelhouse - ??

017-From the outside, the ferry looked like a large cabin cruiser. Inside, it is wide and spacious. There is a second, open deck above.

018-Three miles out, Jim Harrington of Negaunee had already built up a commanding lead. He later finished in 2:43:35.

019-Dan Dehlin of Marquette took second overall and first in age M2024. He finished in 2:52:12.

020-Kevin Rassier of Maple Grove, MN, took first in age M4549.

021-Mike Wasson (263) of Monument, CO, took first in age M3539.

022-Jeff Calember (171) of Gaylord came in second in M3539. Bill Fix (142) of Comstock Park, MI, took fourth in M4549.

023-Vicki Asmus (104) of Plymouth was the first female overall in 3:26:01. Here she was running with David Crary (121) of Ann Arbor.



026-Jay Monson (202) of Duluth, MN, came in first in M3034. Terry Hakkola (155) of Plymouth, MN placed first in M55-59.

027-Curtis Watson of Green Bay, WI.

028-Dan Rassier, St. Joseph, MN.

029-Matt Kern (173) of Marquette.

030-Scott Putman, Green Bay, WI.

031-Dan Rabine, Eben Junction.

032-Christine Crawford of Whitewater, WI came in second in F3539, but was awarded first in age since Vicki Asmus was recognized as first female overall.


034-Shawn Oppliger (212) of Hancock, took second in F4044. Terry Dreves (133) of Houghton, took third.

035-Early starter Diane DuBois reflects on the power of beavers, at the lower (swampy) end of Echo Lake.

036-Rick Straughen of Sterling Heights went on to take second in M2024.

037-Dan Dehlin [see #019].

038-David Crary (121) [see #023] with David Luckhardt of Ypsilanti, who went on to win M5054.

039-Tom Simon of Appleton, WI, with the lead female Vicki Asmus [see #023].

040-Christine Crawford [see #032], running with Don Frichiti (146), Paxton, IL and Scott Putman (269) [see #030].

041-Terry Dreves (133), still running with Shawn Oppliger (212) [see #034].

042-Joel Patenaude, editor of Silent Sports, just cruisin'.

043-Matt Parmer (216) of Lansing, with Janice Mackay (190) of Sault St. Marie, ON, who went on to take first in age, F4549.

044-Karmen Schmidt ran to take first in F2024.

048-Diane at the Echo Lake turnaround.

049-View of the Michigan shoreline toward the west.

050-View of the Michigan shoreline toward the west.

051-There's a tunnel at the end of the light.

052-There's a tunnel at the end of the light.

053-View of an island toward the west. The "tiny boat" is about an 18' cabin cruiser.

054-. . . and light at the end of the tunnel.

055-That's a tree blown over the trail.

056-One of many overlooks.

057-Don't go too far beyond the fence. Note the pattern in the rock below the water surface.

058-The underwater striations are not pipes or logs – they're colored layers in the rocks below.

059-How many years might that lonely tree at the tip last?

060-RD Jeff enlisted the aid of island residents to staff all aid stations.

061-Bus tours of the island are available. My question: if I knew a tour was offered, why should I sign up to run the course? What about the Kenyan runners? Shouldn't they just take the bus tour too?


063-Once on the eastern side, our route was diverted toward the beach to avoid crossing a bridge "in poor repair."

064-Left to right: Barbara of the local biking club, Jackie of Florida, and Diane of Battle Creek.

065-Diane, and Dave of Hales Corners, WI.

067-This run's a beach.

068-Runner Jackie McCormick of Sarasota, Florida stops to quickly "grab" a photograph of Bob Clark, with a shore scene in the background.


070-Looking east, we saw the Pictured Rocks shoreline.

072-A hardwoods forest; my favorite type.

073-The route took us past an archaeological excavation site being worked by Illinois State University personnel. One young man offered to give us a "one minute description" of what was happening. Although we were hesitant, we stayed and sure enough, for one full minute we "lived" an archaeological experience. We left exhilarated, and I don't believe our marathon time suffered that much.

074-Archaeological excavation site.

075-Archaeological excavation site.

076-After finishing together, Diane and Jackie share a ride on one of the Forest Service's pontoon boats.

077-After finishing together, Diane and Jackie share a ride on one of the Forest Service's pontoon boats.

078-Approaching the mainland dock.

079-At the 6:00 p.m. ceremony at the Falling Rock Café in Munising, Assistant RD Jim "Double Knot Your Laces" Engel of Wakefield provides introductory comments.

080-RD Jeff Crumbaugh announces credits and awards.

081-First female Vicki Asmus of Plymouth, WI admires her coveted glass bowl award.

082-First male Jim Harrington of Negaunee seems pleased with his glass bowl award.

084-For finishers, this Sunday morning view of Grand Island could be considered a spiritual experience.

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